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“Dobogó literally means "clippity clop", the sounds that horse's hooves make on the paved streets of the little town of Tokaj. This is what we found out when we bought the winery, an abandoned house dating back to 1869 with underneath it a magical cellar so typical in the region for it is where the wines would be hidden from the marauding armies that often would ravage through on their way to battle. I thought it was a legend until I spent the first night at the winery and woke up to that beautiful sound.” says Izabella Zwack, founder of Dobogó Winery. Nowadays the house has a special Mediterranean atmosphere with oreganos, basils, figs and a 45-year-old lemon tree in the garden and plenty of Italian furnishing inside.

The philosophy of Dobogó:

“There are no good or bad vintages but there are easy and tough vintages. As Viticulturists and Oenologists our aim is to be able to present the best wines of every vintage from our Vineyards to our consumers.”

Dobogó Team

Dobogó Team

Dobogó Furmint 2015

March 21, 2018

After the dry and sunny summer of 2015, the harvest of Furmint started at the beginning of September. After the careful selection of hand picking and the fast processing, the wine was fermented and aged in French, Italian and Hungarian barrels for 10 months. The wine has the aging potential of at least 10 years.

The color of pale straw reminds us of summer. Stunningly fresh and fruity. Its crystal clear structure tinkles in the mouth. It caresses kindly like a delightful, charming fairy on a summer night. The classical pear of Furmint appears in the scent like we were sniffing around in a basket full of various types of pears. The fresh pear is covered by lovely minerals and salt. Clear like a pharmacy. We are mumbling pineapple in the summer heat. Fabulous, playful, engaging.

The early spring was followed by a hot and dry summer therefore grapes were matured for the beginning of autumn. We started harvesting in the first days of September like never before. After the gentle processing of the grape, the wine was fermented and aged in two secondly filled Hungarian oak barrels for 10 months.

Its color resembles the pale flush of dawn. Elegance appears in the scent, citruses and stone fruits come to the front. Tropical fruits are playing hide-and-seek between them. The minerality stays for stunningly long hand in hand with freshly picked apricots. The Betsek proves again how excellent it is. This statue of Furmint is of superb structure and splendid balance. Its aftertaste accompanies us home, or even to Tokaj.

After an average summer, the fall off 2008 started off with 3 weeks of chilly and rainy weather which favoured the development of aszú berries. From the beginning of October we faced a very long indian summer therefore we could collect high quality aszú berries. Our Aszú winewas made by soaking every 1 kg of these berries in 1 liter of our fresh sweet wine. The wine was bottled after two and a half years of barrel aging.

The colour of this wine reminds us of the gold fever. Its scent enchants us, it leads us to the fabulous world of Aszú Wines. Alice in Aszúland. Matured apricot, camomile, summer meadows appear in the aroma. Honeybees are collecting nectar diligently. The fairyland becomes complete, it caresses with flowers, peaches and honey. No excessive sugar, the acidity helps the flowing of the sip. This Aszú wine is highly enjoyable with the lean structure. Let it charm us!

The summer of 2013 was hot but also had several rainy days resuling in the possibility of collecting beautiful aszú berries from the end of September. We soaked 1 kg of aszú berries in every liter of fermenting sweet wine for one night. After pressing gently, we fermented and aged the wine in barrels for 31 months.

Shades of the setting sun in the color. Cherry blooming, lilies and peach grove appear in its scent. Fresh peach and cubes of pineapple show up on the palate hand in hand with chilled melon slices. Its sweetness embraces us kindly like the gentle night breeze. Excellent acidity, no excessive sugar content. It is a truly enjoyable Aszú wine; let’s refill our glasses once more!

The Wine of Lovers. Dedicated to Maria Zwack, Endre Ady’s – one of Hungary’s most famous poets – great love and muse.

The droughty 2011 was followed by a hot and rainless 2012. we started to gather the grapes quite early and found relatively little quantity but high quality of grapes for this late harvest sweet wine. We collected the bunches that contained at least 50% aszú berries, selecting of all the three main varieties such as Furmint, Yellow Muscat and Hárslevelű. Afted the gentle processing of the grapes we fermented and aged the wine in oak barrels for 8 months.

Black locust tree flowers and honey take the lead in its scent, accompanied by refreshing citrus notes. Its taste is deeper and more diverse, a rendez-vous of different apricot varieties and flowers. Marked by a wonderful, crystal clear structure and exemplary harmony.

The summer of 2013 was hot but also had several rainy days therefore we could start harvesting Pinot Noir at the end of August. After processing gently this dry wine was aged in French, Italian and Hungarian oak barrels for 22 months.

The ruby color of the royal jewelry is the first to note. Its scent recalls cherries and rose hips at the same time. Charming armies of red berries roar in the glass. A chilled sip shows us the most beautiful features of the wine. Stunningly fruity and delightful on the palate with sophisticated spices. The perfect wine for a summer night with the dearest red wine experience. A wonderful ruby chuckle.

The Wine of Lovers. Dedicated to Maria Zwack, Endre Ady’s – one of Hungary’s most famous poets – great love and muse.

Dobogó Mylitta 2007 was harvested from the 30 year old vineyards of Betsek in Mád and Palota in Tállya. Mylitta Álma basis wine  is a selection of shrivelled and botrytised grapes. The clusters are gently pressed and we add 1 kg aszu berries into 1 liter fermenting must.  After the fermentation and 32 months barrel aging we bottled the 533 bottles in August, 2010.

Mylitta Álma is not just something to drink with a starter of a nibble of blue cheese; it will go magnificently with many courses: anything with a sweet and sour sauce, a fruit garnish (citrus or tropical), or with spicy foods that involve curry, ginger or cardamom. Last but not least, it makes the perfect way to round off a meal: the crowning moment of the feast. The wine is at its best when slightly chilled, at around 12-13°C.

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